5 New Years Resolutions for Your House

It's New Year's Eve, and you're probably planning a big party, or a cozy night in, or nothing at all, and that's okay. You've probably made a few resolutions for yourself, and we applaud your efforts to read more, eat more vegetables, and stop biting your nails! But have you made resolutions for your home?

We think you should! How about these?

  1. Save for a down payment. If you already own a house, start an emergency fund. Houses are good investments, but they aren't free. A budget always helps. You should always keep yours in good repair, to avoid more costly repairs later. Already have an emergency fund? Good for you! Commit to saving more, and you'll have enough for a bathroom remodel or a new roof in no time at all!
  2. Get organized. For some people, this means getting rid of stuff they don't need. (We all have it.) For others, it may mean making the best use of the space you have to store everything. It may be time to build some bookshelves and cabinets in the den, or take advantage of space you forgot you had, like under the stairs. And a lot of storage projects are DIY, so go for it!
  3. Get to know your neighbors. Nothing makes you feel better about your home like knowing your neighbors. You'll feel safer, and having friends nearby is always nice. Why not host a drop-in in January, when most people's social calendars look pretty bleak? You don't need a big place to be a gracious host.
  4. Look at your numbers. How's your mortgage looking? Is it the right time to refinance? Should you be trying to pay your home loan off early? Take a look at your credit score and consider your options, and where you want to be in five, ten, and twenty years.
  5. Love being at home more. Go through your house and think about which spots you use most. If there are pockets -- or whole rooms -- that go unused, ask yourself why? You might just need a chair and an ottoman to turn that little corner into a perfect reading nook. Or you might need to amp up your decor to make it a little more "you," even if that "you" is a huge Star Wars fan. (It can be done, and it'll be tasteful. We promise.) Or maybe you want to make home a better place for your pets. This year, resolve to make your home the perfect place for you!

Have you made any home resolutions this year? Here's to a wonderful year ahead!