How to Host New Year's in Your "Cozy" Home

Your house is what a real estate agent might describe as "cozy." It's absolutely perfect for you, your spouse, and your little Yorkie, but throw about four more people in the mix and it starts to feel a little claustrophobic. So is that New Year's party you're dying to host off the table? It's not out of the question--you'll just need to be a little creative. 

Use your outdoor space

If you have a yard, a parking pad, or even just a front stoop--use it. We know, we know. It's the end of December and it's cold. No one wants to be outside. So you'll have to give them a good reason. Rent some outdoor heaters or invest in a fire pit to bring a little holiday warmth to your outdoor space. Serve a special drink outside by the fire to help entice your guests to go out there in the first place. 

Turn your garage into a game room

If you have a garage, you have a built-in game room for any party. Park your car somewhere else for the night and sweep out your garage. Set up dart boards, card tables, and whatever other games your friends like to play. Don't forget to have a separate cooler and snack station for the garage so people don't have to interrupt their games! 

Keep people out of the kitchen

Have you ever noticed that everyone seems to end up packed into the kitchen at a party? And who could blame them? It's usually full of delicious snack and drinks. Try setting up small snack stations around the house. It'll help with the flow and keep people from bunching up in one spot. It's also easy access to carbs for your one friend who always forgets to eat and then drinks way too much. 

Rearrange the furniture

Don't forget to rearrange the furniture in a way that makes sense for a party. That might mean setting out more chairs or pushing the sofa and against the wall. Try using your end tables for snacks and arrange them throughout the room. 

Call a cab

You probably can't fit all your guests in your home overnight. Make sure there's a clean guest room (or couch) for the ones who are staying and make sure your other guests have access to the number for a cab company or an Uber account. 

Now you have a plan. So get organizing, send out the invites, and put the bubbly on ice. Hey, if it doesn't work out, not hosting parties can always be your New Year's resolution.