5 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Second Home with a Family Member

Sharing a treehouse with your siblings was great. But sharing a vacation home is a little more complicated. This time if you fight, you can’t ask mom and dad to solve the problem. So how do you avoid the big arguments altogether? Ask yourself--and your siblings--these questions. You’ll be happy you did.

Should I Use My 401 (k) to Buy a Rental Property?

You feel like an investment property is a better way to save for retirement than a 401 (k). So can you use your current retirement savings plan to buy the property in the first place? And more importantly, should you?

Your Second Home: 10 Things to Keep in the Owner's Closet

Plenty of people who own vacation homes rent them out for the majority of the season. Many people couldn’t afford the second mortgage if they didn’t! Most of those homes have owner’s closets, and keeping yours well-stocked can make your second home feel more like yours, even if it’s usually occupied by renters. A well-stocked owner’s closet means you can pop in for the weekend without spending hours packing for the trip. 

Your Second Home: Saying "No" to People Who Want to Use Your Vacation Home for Free

Owning a vacation home is one of life’s greatest joys, and you’ve probably earned it (or else you wouldn’t be able to pay for it). But it isn’t all hot toddies by the slopes and daiquiris on the beach at sunset. You have to take care of your second home, which can be tough from afar. And there are expenses associated with owning a second home, like regular maintenance and caretaking if you can’t be there as often as you would like.