How to Market Your Airbnb for a Holiday

When you're in the hospitality business, any holiday is an excuse to do a little extra marketing. When you're trying to market your second home as an Airbnb, it just makes sense to take advantage of any hook you can get. Here's what we suggest. 

Know your city 

Before you lean into marketing for a particular holiday, think carefully about your city and why people visit it. A beach town might be the perfect place to market 4th of July weekend trips, but a bustling city with lots of great restaurants might be a better place to market Valentine's Day. 

Create an atmosphere

If you're trying to rent your Airbnb for Valentine's Day, think about including a bottle of bubbles and a bouquet of roses--maybe even throw in some chocolate! 

Offer a discount for future stays 

Everyone loves a deal. So, use that to your advantage to get repeat customers and guaranteed business. Just be sure you spell out any stipulations or fine print. For example, if you have certain time periods where you know you don't want to rent out your Airbnb, be sure to include those as blackout dates. You should also take care to be clear about what the discount is. For example, if it's 25% off, is that for any number of nights booked? Just two? Does it matter if it's a weekend or weeknight? 

Work with local vendors

Is your Airbnb close to a local coffee shop? Is there a city tour that goes right past your place? Get out there and start networking with local businesses to see if you can team up to offer discounts or coupons for potential guests. Remember, this relationship can go beyond just the holidays. Introduce local experts to Airbnb Experiences hosting. You can be their preferred Airbnb stay while you help them by directing your guests to their experiences. 

Or if you're an expert in your city, consider becoming an Airbnb Experiences host and market your property as part of the package!

Include a gift certificate

Couldn't get any local vendors on board? Try creating your own incentive by including a gift certificate to a local eatery, coffee shop, or fun activity in town. 

Need some help getting started? Check out our guide to becoming an Airbnb host