VA Loan Mortgage Calculator

A VA loan is a great benefit for veterans looking to buy a home. That's because when you use a VA home loan you don't have to pay a down payment and you typically get lower interest rates. Our VA mortgage loan calculator will help you estimate your:

  • taxes 
  • insurance
  • principal/interest payment
  • VA funding fee (which you can pay in a lump sum upfront or roll it into your monthly payments, up to you)

How to use the VA loan mortgage calculator

Enter the price of the home, your expected interest rate, your expected downpayment. If you don't have a home picked out yet, it's okay to guess here in order to get an estimate. 

You'll also need to input your military status and whether or not you've used a VA loan before--these two items could potentially impact your estimates. 

Once you click calculate, you'll see a table with your estimated loan payment, taxes and insurance and your total VA funding fee (this amount is typically added to the total mortgage amount). All of these numbers will add up to your total monthly payment.  

What is a funding fee?

Borrowers are expected to pay funding fees in order to receive VA home loans. Funding fees are intended to offset loans that go into default—they are paid up front or are wrapped into your monthly mortgage payment. The amount that you pay depends on your military service, disability status, and other factors.

Can you pay more?

While you'll never pay less on your monthly mortgage, it is possible to pay more each month. This will help you pay off your mortgage more quickly and pay less in interest over time. You can do this monthly or whenever you have a windfall, like a bonus at work or a gift from family. 

How to get your VA loan

Most lenders are able to work with VA loan buyers, but it can help to work with a lender with specific experience. 

Feel free to play with the calculator to see how much you can save in different downpayment scenarios! 

Get calculating! Then let us walk you through the process of buying a home with a VA loan.