5 Design Trends for People Who Love Star Wars

Have you seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens? No? Well, there are no spoilers here, so read on! 

1. Clean, bright, white spaces. One of the most iconic settings in Star Wars is the long, white corridor. Nowadays, this look is really popular for kitchens. A throwback to the early days of Star Wars? Or an homage to the current iteration? This only you can know. You may want to add a few touches of color or some plants, here and there, because you might not want it to be quite as antiseptic as a hallway full of Stormtroopers. (And if you do? No judgement here!)

2. Faux fur accents. Who doesn't love Chewbacca? In his own special way, he's adorable. And who doesn't want to curl up in that wooly lap at the end of the day? Okay, maybe you don't, but you can still love a faux fur accent, whether it's a pillow for your sofa, or a throw at the end of the bed. And stick with faux fur, so you can assure your guests that no Wampas were harmed in the making of this throw.

3. Eclectic and colorful decor. Maz Kanata's castle, a new addition to the Star Wars story, is colorful and warm. At the entrance, flags in all colors hang overhead. (Want to know exactly what's on those flags? True fans never let you down.) You can achieve this look at home with colorful fabric to create a warm, welcoming space. Just be sure to stay wary of scruffy-looking nerf herders.

4. Gauzy curtains. In every action scene, Rey's gauzy tunic is blowing in the wind. Who exactly is she? It's a mystery, a secret that may be revealed in the next movie. Or the one after that. And your lightly sheer linen curtains will keep your neighbors guessing. They'll get a peek here and there, but they won't really know who you are until you reveal all. (Special Note: Do not take down the curtains and reveal all to your neighbors. That's just a figure of speech.)

5. Traditional and functional. You've lived in your home for years, and the decor hasn't changed much. Sure there are a few elements from the eighties and nineties, but your family is comfortable there, and everything is well-kept. You've made the necessary repairs over the years, re-covering a chair here, upgrading the cabinets there, and you don't need an overhaul. Your home is like the Millennium Falcon: lived in, exactly as it should be.

How far would you go with Star Wars decor?