Play by Play: The Recap

One of our favorite things to do here at is hearing from actual people, with real stories. We're compiling those stories in our Play by Play series.

Just like you, we're nosy! We love hearing how other people did it. Do you have a story? Long or short, happy, sad, or somewhere in between, please share!

The Reluctant Homebuyer 

At 23, Megan Plott wasn't even thinking about buying a home. In fact, she wasn't even sure what city she was going to live in in the next year or two. So for her, renting seemed to make the most sense. But her mom had other ideas. In the end, 

Should They Skip the Wedding and Buy a House?

When Jordan Slice and her husband Jeremy Metcalfe got engaged in their junior year of college, a traditional wedding wasn't at the top of their mind. With so many people telling them they'd regret it down the road, it would have been easy to give in to pressure. Did they or didn't they?

The Accidental House Flip

Shawn Sinclair never dreamed of buying a home in Bowling Green, Kentucky. He and his wife and were professional disc golfers when they bought it, and they spent all year on the road touring the country in a van, so the last thing they needed was a big home renovation project. After some surprising bumps in the road, they ended up with a different plan. Then another plan. And another.

Rebuilding After a Natural Disaster

Trevor Jackson and his family lost just about everything when historic flooding destroyed their home. He tells us how they reclaimed their house, their experience with insurance and FEMA, and their hopes for the future. 

Second Time Buyers, and Why an ARM Worked for Them

Lauren and Andrew fell in love with their (potential) new home. But would they be able to negotiate a deal they could afford and a mortgage that wouldn't make them house poor? And isn't an ARM a dangerous prospect? 

Your Story

Did you buy your childhood home? Do you have an insane neighbor or landlord? Are you finishing your basement? Did you try to rent an apartment and get edged out at the last minute? Did you buy a home without ever seeing it? Did you conquer a huge plumbing problem after firing your contractor? Every homeowner has a story. Tell us yours! We'd love to hear it and feature it in our Play by Play series