The Spring Cleaning Tasks We Tackled Last Weekend

As soon as the weather gets a few degrees warmer, out come the spring cleaners. This year, we were right there with them!

This weekend, as I hauled boxes of clothes out to my car to donate, I waved at my neighbor, who was pressure washing his entire house. Later, I learned that he and his son decided to remove their entire back deck. Whether they did this rather than clean it, or whether they plan to replace it, I do not know. On Saturday and Sunday, I saw a lot of people in my neighborhood who were putting their best foot forward for spring.

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Let the spring cleaning begin!

People got the kids involved.

I finally bought a laundry hamper that fits into the space where we keep it. We also rearranged a bunch of furniture, dusted all the baseboards (which I noticed were filthy when we moved the furniture), steamed a couple of rugs, put together some bunk beds we had been using as singles, and bought myself some bed pillows that don't hurt my neck. I also cleaned under the beds and took a bunch of clothes to Goodwill. To be fair, I didn't work alone. Our three sons helped. Because it's all their fault that our house is a mess anyway.

- Annie

I put down one of your rugs and cleaned the floor that is under it presently.

- Oscar, Annie's son, who burned through four Mr. Clean Magic Erasers cleaning the gunk off that floor, and had to lift two heavy beds and a dresser to get the rug down. His brother helped.

My daughter and I trimmed and raked the ivy along the walk in front of our house. Main accomplishment was getting her to help.

- Steve

Some people do this kind of thing all the time!

Every few months, I do a deep clean but I save the spring for my purge/clean. I went through cabinets removing old spices, stale pasta and all the things past their prime that you keep around for comfort food on winter nights. I sorted out the entire family's winter to spring wardrobe and made a sizable drop off to Goodwill. Finally I scrubbed down all surfaces and floors. Now that all the blinds are open to let in the sunshine, the dust and fur balls are so much more obvious!

- Dana, who's expecting her second baby and is nesting a little!

Some people went for the extra points.

Recently, my husband built out some additional storage space in our attic with plywood and two-by-sixes and a drill and everything. There was even a saw involved. He was kind of my hero.

- Courtney

This one is just sad.

I steam mopped my petri dish of a home.

- Hodor, who just recovered from the flu and may or may not still be having a Game of Thrones fever hallucination

Not everyone is into DIY cleaning, and that's okay.

We got all new woodwork around the outside of our house and had it painted. We also had the windows cleaned. It still counts if you hire someone to do it, right?

- Vicki

Some people love a DIY project. And, yes, we say it counts as spring cleaning.

We sanded and stained a coffee table, if that counts as spring cleaning.

- Hilary

A few garages got some extra love.

 I cleaned my garage this weekend. And by clean my garage, I mean, moved stuff from one pile to another. And found an old pair of skis that the previous homeowners had stashed up in the ceiling. And I pretended to ski down my yard. So I guess you could say I had a big weekend.

- Jessica

I cleaned my garage. There were no big surprises, but I realized I have a really big garage!

- Kristian

Some people got a little help from their pets. Or not.

We planted gardens and planned a new irrigation system. The dogs supervised in between naps on the porch.

- Aaron

I love to clean, although to look at my tiny house with two giant dogs, you wouldn't know it! I'm taking it room by room (mostly putting house back together from flood repairs and family visits). Last weekend, I took the spare room apart - curtains down, bed apart and moved - to sweep and dust. I washed the little area rug and curtains, then put it all back together. Then I took inventory of the over-packed freezer: time to get rid of the extra meatloaf by using it up, so I have freezer space to use again! Also, it's not really meatloaf and soup season anymore. This weekend, I hope to pull the laundry room apart (aka, my dog kennel).

- Kristie, who we wish would come over for a few hours

I only swiffered real hard because the open windows were causing a serious cat hair tumbleweed situation.

- Sarah

Some people don't care what time of year it is, they just need to get it done.

I wasn't spring cleaning so much as arranging and purging to fit items big and small from three houses into one, and it just happened to be springy out.

- Elizabeth

Some small jobs turn out to be bigger than you think!

We cleaned out home office 2 drawer lateral file cabinet and shredded enough paper to fill 2 leaf and lawn bags!

- Carol

Some people can't wait to break out the ice tea and enjoy the porch.

We cleaned our yucky screened porch.

- Debbie

And some people are devoted to flavored sparkling water.

I pulled everything out of my storage room "La Croix" fridge. Bleached the shelves and the gaskets. Now all those pretty lil' cans look so nice in their sparkling home.

- Scott

Some of us are all in: Winter is over and spring is here!

Last weekend I put away into vacuum sacks all the warm linens and organized the linen closet.

- Sharon

Maybe it isn't quite time yet.

I have every intention of cleaning my front loader. Soon.

- Lauren

And a few of my friends just weren't into it...

Always heard spring cleaning was best done in the fall. Hope this is true!

- Peggy

Spring is too nice for cleaning. Summer is too hot. Fall is too busy. And then there's Christmas...

- Steven

Meant to. Didn't.

- Samantha

And a special shout-out to Lee and Cynthia, one of whom shaved her legs, presumably for the first time in a while, and one of whom got a pedicure. We definitely think those count as spring cleaning.

And the winner is...

I thought about it while I drank wine. Then I finished said bottle and decided that was enough work for one weekend.

- Merrill

Did you do any spring cleaning last weekend? What's on your list for this weekend?