Pool Staging Tips that Will Sell Your Home Faster

Selling a home with a pool can be challenging if you haven’t taken the proper steps to make your pool feel like paradise. Many buyers look at pools and see extra time and money, but with a little effort on your end, your pool will look like a major perk rather than a money pit.

Before we jump into the three key tips for staging your pool, let’s talk about how and who to sell to.

If you can, you’re going to want to list your home during your market’s prime pool season. Listing your property in the hot summer months will give you an advantage. With this simple strategy, your pool will sell itself because buyers can picture themselves enjoying your oasis as they tour your place.

The truth is, people either love or hate owning a pool, and it will be hard to change their minds one way or the other. Trying to sell your home to anyone who does not want a pool is a lost cause. People looking to buy a home with a pool are typically:

  • Younger families with kids
  • People who love to entertain
  • Couples or singles who are near retirement age

Now that you have thought through your pool selling strategy, let’s go over the top three tips for getting your pool selling ready.

Tip #1: Increase pool maintenance before you list

A well-taken care of pool is one that lets a buyer know that it is used often, cleaned often, and well-loved.

A few weeks before you list your home for sale, consider having it professionally cleaned. A two- to three-hour cleaning job costs about $150 to $300 (or up to $500 to $600 to completely drain and clean the pool if you can’t see the bottom of the deep end).

If a deep clean seems too costly, you’ll want to at least make sure of the following:

  • Water chemistry is balanced
  • Pool equipment is working properly
  • Skimmer, basket, and filter are clean
  • Bottom has been vacuumed
  • Water is free of plant matter, bugs, and other debris

Tip #2: Install additional safety measures

Already installed safety measures can reassure families with young children who might be concerned about having a pool.

Taking the time to install a fence around your pool is one of the best investments you can make if you have not done so already. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that an isolation fence reduces a child’s risk of drowning by 83%, compared to a pool with a three-sided property line.

Also, consider adding features that would make your pool safer for adults and children alike. Installing a non-slip edge is a great way to give buyers more peace of mind.

These are just two great ways to up the safety of your pool and to help sell a buyer who is worried about the dangers of owning a pool. If you want the safest pool on the block, consider these six additional home improvements.

Tip #3: Work on a Lush Landscape

A potential buyer will look at more than just the pool itself. The landscaping plays a big part in creating a relaxing environment.

Surround your pool with lush green plants to give your pool that paradise feel. Remember that any pool-side plants should be able to handle partial to full sun and humidity, as well as splashes of chlorine or salt and pool cleaning supplies.

Here is a fool-proof list of plants that thrive pool-side:

  • Palms
  • Banana trees
  • Birds of paradise
  • Elephant ears
  • Daylilies

A pool that is sparkling, safe, and surrounded with lush plants is sure to bring in buyers. Show off your pool and don’t be afraid to invest in some fixing up before you sell, it will surely pay off.