How Homeowners Benefit from Tackling an Exterior Remodel

The exterior of your home is the first impression people have of your house. What statement does your exterior make? If it says it’s old and tired or just a little blah, it’s time to consider tackling an exterior remodel this summer.

There are many ways homeowners benefit from an exterior remodel.

1. Increase Curb Appeal

Increasing the curb appeal of your home makes it warm, inviting and can help you sell your home more quickly, if that is your goal. Some simple things you can do include sprucing up landscaping and fixing any cracked or weathered items on the outside of your home. Pops of color from flowers add a nice touch that makes your home seem welcoming.

2. Beat Out Competition

Improving your home’s exterior helps attract buyers to your house. Three things to pay particular attention to for immediate appeal include the front door, the yard and the color you paint your home. Keep in mind, buyers often do a drive-by before scheduling an appointment to see your home. You can beat out the competition by having a neat and well-kept exterior.

3. Add to Home Value

Adding new windows is one of those investments that pays for itself when you sell your home. And even if you aren’t planning to move right away, installing new windows adds to the aesthetics of your exterior, while also saving you money on energy costs.

4. Recoup Your Investment

When it comes to investing in your home’s exterior, some projects have a higher return on your investment than others. For example, if you replace the siding, you can expect to recover about 76 percent of your investment. Replacing a garage door brings a 77 percent return on investment and greatly improves the look of your home's exterior, particularly if your garage door is on the front of your home.

5. Invest Smart

Be smart about the things you choose to invest in. As mentioned above, you’ll recover most of your money and greatly improve the look of your home by adding new windows, a roof or siding. On the other hand, if you install a swimming pool, you will never recoup the cost of the pool, and it may be a turnoff to some buyers who don’t want the upkeep or associated costs of a swimming pool.

6. Get a New Look

If your home looks dated and you want to change the look, adding new paint or a gable to your roof can have a significant impact on the overall look of your home. Building or renovating an attached deck is another way to update your exterior — this project can blend seamlessly with your home’s style while adding functionality, particularly when summer barbecue season hits.

Exterior Remodeling

Remodeling your home isn’t an inexpensive endeavor. However, it is worth the investment to have a home with a beautiful exterior. The benefits of an exterior remodel are long-lasting, and you won’t have the aggravation associated with an interior remodel, where you lose access to parts of your home during the process.

Now that you've tackled that exterior remodel, you'll be ready to double down on your commitment to keeping the inside of your home well-maintained.

Check out these five easy tips to keep the interior of your home as gorgeous and accommodating as the exterior.

Holly Welles is a real estate writer with a focus on millennial experiences in renting and homeownership. You can read her latest tips on her blog, The Estate Update, and follow her on Twitter @HollyAWelles.