Do the Kids Really Need a Playroom?

A baby’s favorite soft bear doesn’t hurt when you step on it. (To be fair, if you step on it in the dark, you might think for a moment that you’ve crushed a small rodent, which is terrifying, but so is parenting, so get used to it.) Dump trucks, Barbie dolls, Legos, and tiny game pieces, on the other hand, can be painful underfoot. Not only can they draw blood from tender feet, they can take over your house. You miss the days when your home was yours, and everywhere you looked, you saw your own stuff. If you miss those days, you might be considering a playroom.

There are arguments in favor and against, and it’s certainly a no brainer if you have room to spare. But is it worth adding on to your home? Possibly! Any extra room can add value to your home, and one family’s playroom might be another woman’s home office. If you add a closet and leave room there for another bathroom, or it’s near an existing bath, you could even call it a bedroom. Think of your addition as a multi-purpose room.

As with any room in your home, you can change its use as your family changes. As the kids get older, it may be a place for them to study or entertain friends. Or it could be a place for your younger kids to play while the older ones do homework. Once you’re an empty nester -- yes, we know that seems like a long way away -- you could take back the room. It could be an office, a fitness room, a media room, or a room just for gift wrapping. Whether you use the room to contain the kids, to contain their stuff, or just to give them a place to relax, a playroom will add value to your investment.

But what if a playroom isn’t an option? Or you just don’t want one? After all, why should the kids have a spare room when you don’t? They already have their bedrooms, even if they share them. Children aren’t guaranteed a playroom. It’s okay to want that space for yourself! And adding a room where you can get some peace and quiet is a totally legit use of the equity you have in your house. A lot of people use HELOCs to pay for renovations.

Where do you stand on the playroom issue? Do you have one? Want one? or would you like to keep that space all for yourself?