5 DIY Projects That Aren't As Hard As You Think They Are

It seems like everyone is a DIYer these days. Your friends brag over dinner about how they re-tiled their own kitchen. Your aunt just re-sodded her own lawn, with scraps she found on the side of the road. Your 22-year-old daughter invited you for drinks, on her new deck, the one she built herself. But you dread having to do the basics. If you had your way, you’d hire someone to change a lightbulb. Those projects, no matter how small, all seem intimidating. Even though you know you could save a pile of money.

Rewiring a lamp

They actually make kits for this, and the directions are right there on the box. And 15-year-olds still make lamps in shop class. For all you visual learners, this guy on YouTube makes it easy.

Replacing a fuse.

This one is super easy. When you lose power and go to switch the breaker back on, and it doesn’t work, you may need to replace the breaker. The Electrical Doctor, another YouTube pro, can show you how. Amateur Tip: Take the old breaker with you to the hardware store, so you can get the exact same one.

Recover a dining room chair

Did you score some sweet dining room chairs at a flea market? But they’re covered in avocado green vinyl? If that era isn’t your style, recover the chairs yourself. Find out how on Apartment Therapy. You can cover different chairs with the same fabric for an eclectic look or, to save even more, you can buy complementary fabrics in the scrap department at your local sewing shop for a more miss-match look.

Fix a broken sink stopper

Does your sink stopper lever do nothing? Or does it work, but the sink drains slowly, even when it’s closed? That’s annoying and super easy to fix. Learn more on Lowes.com. Bonus: You can impress all your friends by knowing what a “clevis” is.

Replace a doorknob

If you live in an older home, your doorknobs may not turn as well as you’d like. Replacing the knob, or parts of the old one can make a world of difference. Thad from Home Made Simple makes it easy. (And he is adorable.)

What projects have you done around the house that were surprisingly easy? And how much did you save?