Will Downsizing Mean Moving to a New Town?

So, you’ve thought it through, and you’re excited about downsizing. The kids are on their own, and you’re ready to find the perfect space just for you. But will you be able to find that space nearby?

If you’ve raised your family in the suburbs, surrounded by sprawling lawns, tree-lined streets, and homes set back from the street for privacy, there may not be smaller options available in your neighborhood. Exploring nearby neighborhoods is an option, of course, but you may find that you don’t have as much in common with the people there. (Hello, rowdy college kids! Glad you’re having a good time, but grandma needs her beauty sleep!) It may be time to consider living in a different town.

If you’re ready to kiss that sprawling lawn, and all the work that comes with it, goodbye, a condominium or an apartment in a bigger city could be just the thing. John Bridges (not his real name) and his wife started their lives together in their twenties in New York City, and they loved it. Walking to restaurants and shops, enjoying public transportation, and being able to take in everything the city had to offer meant a lot to them. But then they had kids.

“We finally decided to move out of the city, and vowed never to live there again, unless we had no young children, and a lot of money,” John explained.

They raised their children and built solid careers in Virginia, staying there for 15 years. When the children were in college, they moved to Columbia, South Carolina, both with solid job offers, and bought a historic home near shops and restaurants. It was a far cry from New York City, but they liked their jobs, the weather was nice, and it seemed like a good place to retire.

“Then my wife got an amazing job offer, not the kind of thing you expect to happen when you’re looking towards retirement, and it was based in Manhattan.”

After just six months in South Carolina, they sold their house and headed back to the city. How is it? Joe smiles.

“We go out to eat every night, and it’s always something different. We walk everywhere.”

The city doesn’t have much in common with the suburbs of Virginia or South Carolina’s capital city, but now that they’re older, the Bridges are ready to enjoy the city lifestyle again.

When you’re thinking about downsizing, think about what you want life to look like outside your front door. It may be time for a real change!