Recommendations for Moving in the Winter

Relocating in the winter may not seem ideal. Most people are hibernating, and you're packing up in the cold, planning around weather, and preparing for the kids to switch schools. If you're planning for a move this winter, here are some tips and perks to make the most of your transition. 

Advantages to moving in the winter 

  • Real estate is cheaper—winter is not a popular time to buy, so it's often the best time to get a home at a bargain price. 
  • You can afford movers—moving companies often offer deals in the winter because it's their slow season.
  • Move on your schedule—because it's slow-season for moving companies, you'll also likely have your pick of dates and times. 

Tips for moving in the winter 

Communicate with your movers

Once you've picked a mover (hopefully at a great rate!), be sure to check on the status of your truck, especially if the weather looks ominous. Talk about weather concerns, road closures, contingency plans, and so on. 

Safeguard the floors

No one has time to take their shoes off when they're moving in and out of the house with stuff. Disaster-proof your flooring by putting tarps and sheets down. Have a pet? This would be the time to board or crate them, so they're not bringing the outdoors inside. 

Check the utilities 

Make sure your utilities are working properly before you move. No lighting, frozen pipes, or a broken HVAC are catastrophes you don't want to be dealing with when you're moving your whole house. 

Turn off the heat 

When you're moving in and out of the house with boxes and furniture, keep the heat off. Your bill is sure to skyrocket if it's working double-time to warm the house and the frigid outdoors. Need some heat? Use a space heater to keep isolated areas of the house warm. 

Pack smart 

Keep blankets, coats, and gloves handy 

It might seem like a given, but as you pack your boxes you'll want cold weather gear to be easily accessible. You may need sleeping bags, blankets, coats, extra socks and gloves before moving day. 

Be careful with electronics

Be extra careful with your electronics. They don't fare well in freezing weather. Consider keeping them in the car with you where the heat is on. 

Congrats on the new house! Don't forget to check out our guide to decorating to make it really feel like a home.