How to Move During the Holidays without Turning Into a Grinch

The holiday season is actually a great time to buy a home. But, it might not be the most fun time to move. If you can’t postpone the move until after the holidays, how do you make it into your new place, holiday cheer intact?

Decide if a Moving Company Might Be Better than DIY

A moving company might end up being more expensive during the holidays than it would another time of year. But not having to deal with physically transporting all your stuff might be worth it when you’re busy with the holidays and the weather is unpredictable. Deciding whether to do it yourself or hire someone is going to set the tone for the whole move.

Holiday Packing Party!

Turn your holiday party into a packing or moving party. Hey, your friends and family were planning on hanging out with you anyway, right? This is a great way to say goodbye. Just make sure you provide lots of eggnog and cookies for afterward. And don't break out the eggnog until the fragile things have been safely packed.

Unpack Holiday Items First

A completely undecorated house is going to be a little depressing when you move in. You probably already keep your favorite holiday decorations in an easy-to-reach box, or at least in a central location, so you’ll be able to pull it out as soon as you get into your new house. Who cares if your photos aren’t hung and the guest room isn’t set up? As long as you can inject a little holiday cheer into your new home, you can smile.

Donate More. Pack less. 

Since you’re already going through (literally) everything you own, take the time to pull out clothes you don’t wear, dishes you don’t need, toys your kids outgrew, and anything else you can donate. Then make a family trip down to Goodwill to share. Not only are you lightening your load for your upcoming move, but you’re also helping others and getting into the holiday spirit.

New Traditions Are a Great Way to Bond

Find something small and easy you can do during once you’re in the house. Maybe it’s a hot chocolate and cookie break. Or maybe it’s doing a puzzle together since your cable and internet aren’t set up yet. Whatever it is, just take some time to be together as a family and enjoy each other. You can keep up the tradition and laugh about all the crazy things that happened during your big holiday move.

Get Out in the Neighborhood

Scope out the best holiday festivals in your new town. Ask your homeowners association if there are any holiday events in your neighborhood. If you’re religious, find a house of worship. Whatever you do, get out there and start meeting people in your new town. It’s a great way to get to know your city and help your kids make friends before they start a new school.

Cut Yourself a Break

Do you normally bake and decorate a gingerbread house from scratch? Buy the kit. Pick up an extra bag of candy if you want to customize. Consider one big gift for each kid instead of a bunch of smaller ones. Only shop at places that offer gift wrap. Let relatives know you'll be making a donation in their name to charity this year, instead of buying gifts. (Bonus: YOU get the tax deduction!)

Remember to Be Thankful

That's what any holiday is really about, right? Be thankful for a safe move, a roof over your head, and the chance to make great new memories. Even if your celebration is surrounded by boxes.


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