How a Home Warranty Can Help You Find Repair People

You knew taking a new job and moving to another state would be exciting. You also knew you’d miss your friends, your favorite restaurants, and maybe even your old office mates. But did you realize how you would long for George, Marcy, and Pat? George was the guy you called when the fridge was on the fritz. Marcy knew everything about how your home was wired, and what to do when the wiring wasn’t working. Pat knew how quirky your water heater could be, and was a genius at snaking a toilet.

Now that you’re new in town, who do you call? How can you know for sure that you’re being charged a reasonable price and that the work being done is solid? Well, you can’t.

How a home warranty can help.

When you aren’t familiar with the area, a home warranty could be just the thing to put your mind at ease while you find your footing in a new place. Eventually, you’ll get recommendations from your new neighbors, co-workers, and all the new friends you made. But you’ll need time to get to know them before you know if their recommendations can be trusted. Your neighbor’s Uncle Dan might be a great guy, but he might also fix your wiring so that the switch in the half bath turns on the light in the kitchen. For all you know, that kindly neighbor is just trying to get Uncle Dan some work so he’ll quit coming over and asking her for money.

A home warranty will cover a lot of the things that can go wrong in a new house. You won’t have to worry about shopping for new appliances, finding someone to fix your sump pump, or choosing the best company to replace your furnace. The home warranty company will do that for you. In a year, when you no longer have the coverage, you’ll have had a chance to find the George, Marcy, and Pat of your new town. In fact, you may even end up continuing to use the people sent by the home warranty company. They’re probably pretty good, after all.

The last thing you need when you’re starting a new job, trying to make new friends, and finding new favorite restaurants is a huge hassle when your fridge goes out. Get a home warranty, and get out and have fun!