Choose Where to Relocate with These Helpful Apps

According to recent research, the average American moves once every five years, give or take. Now, you've been in this city how long—since college? Since you were a teenager? Since you were born?

Whatever your answer happens to be, whether you've been here for the past five years, or the past twenty, it might be time for a change of scenery. But where to go next? How do you find a spot that works for you, that fits precisely what you're looking for in a new city?

As they say, there's an app for that. Or, more accurately, apps plural.

If you're starting to think about relocating—especially to a major metropolitan center, either domestically or abroad—consider downloading one of these helpful tools to kick off the research phase of your new journey.

If You're Moving Abroad, Use Teleport

First off, we've got a bit of a score to settle.

If you're a freelance or contract worker thinking of moving abroad, or if you've got enough disposable income handy to just go for it, well... we're envious. Majorly envious. Just wanted to get those feelings out there so we can proceed with a bit more focus.

Back to the subject at hand: Teleport.

If you're unsure about where to immigrate, download the Cities version of this app, which utilizes big data and personal preference information supplied by you to offer recommendations based on perceived compatibility with a particular place.

The process is simple. You'll enter information like your current income and living expenses (rent/mortgage rates, food costs, utility costs), as well as other city preferences that are important to you (social tolerance, environmental quality, healthcare services available), and the app will automatically generate a tiered list of international city recommendations tailored just for you.

The list will offer comprehensive data on:

  • Cost of living
  • Quality of life
  • City infrastructure
  • Crime and education rates
  • And more!

Teleport also boasts a robust user forum that offers site visitors an insider's look at city life from the folks who actually live there.

Big US Cities What You're After? Try Suburban Jungle

If you're not planning a big international move but would like to relocate to one of America's major metropolitan centers, then try Suburban Jungle on for size.

Like it or not, in our broader cultural imagination, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco are the places to be. They're what most of us think of when the phrase "big city" springs to mind.

Suburban Jungle seeks to dramatically simplify the process of finding a home in the suburbs of these major urban centers.

Though it comes with a fairly hefty price tag, the company certainly doesn't skimp on quality or level of service. When you join officially as a client, you're paired with a personal "strategist" who conducts in-depth research on prospective neighborhoods on your behalf.

As if all that personalization and attention to detail weren't enough already, the Suburban Jungle app also offers:

  • A tool to book appointments with local real estate agents, and even folks that live in the area, to get a better sense of what life is like there
  • Comprehensive overviews of town and city-related data—school rankings, safety information, etc.
  • Profiles of local real estate agents and other property-related professionals to begin coordinating your move
  • And more!

After you've picked a neighborhood (or potentially even a home) in one of these areas, you're transferred to a "concierge," who secures a moving company and coordinates other logistics on your behalf.

Need Even More Big City Insights? Get Place I Live

Place I Live is sort of similar to Suburban Jungle, in the general areas it offers information on, if not the specific "strategy" and "concierge" services offered.

If you're interested in learning more about on-the-ground living options in Berlin, Chicago, London, New York City, or San Francisco, you've come to the right app.

Combining the features of both Suburban Jungle and Teleport, Place I Live drills down onto the neighborhood and even the street level view of a city, offering statistics and data that help you get a better picture of the place where you're intending to move.

Simply enter an address or postal code and Place I Live will extend you an aggregated Life Quality Index measurement (on a 100 scale), along with other similarly scaled insights on:

  • Public transportation systems
  • Demographics
  • Healthcare systems and services
  • Entertainment and cultural offerings
  • And beyond

There are all sorts of tools out there to support you during the research phase of your big city transition. Not sure where you want to settle down yet? Don't worry. These apps and accompanying websites will help you find a spot that works best for you.