5 Ways to Ease Homesickness When You Buy Your First Home Abroad

Moving out of the country can be as exciting as it is stressful.  Every country has its own unique culture, history, and laws that you have to adjust to now that you are a resident. This can cause a bit of anxiety and culture shock, especially if you're not fully comfortable speaking your new land's language. The good news is that with a little planning you can really buffer your culture shock and make your move as stress-free as possible. Here are some ways to ease homesickness when you buy your first home abroad.

Start as A Tourist

So you just relocated to a new country and you are not sure where to start exploring. The great news is now that you live here, you can take your sweet time and enjoy all of the tourist attractions that made your new country so interesting when you first visited it. As a tourist, you might be treated with a little more reverence but you may pay a bit more for the same items as the local's purchase.  This is okay, it's all part of becoming a part of your local community. People will eventually notice that you are trying to enjoy your new country and this can lead to the making of some interesting new friends.

Eat Local

The local delicacies can help you to feel more at home and in fact, they can help you to get a better understanding of the rich history and culture your new country provides. Don't be shy about asking a local how this dish became such a popular choice. You will often find that this leads into a very intimate history lesson from the perspective of a local that may be hard to obtain from a Google search. The local diet of a community says a lot about the people and in many instances; you may find this plate to be one of your new favorites.

Skip Social Media

Social media is great for keeping you in touch with family and friends. Perhaps it is too great at keeping people connected. Travelers can report serious cases of homesickness after checking out the statuses of their close friends from home. Even if the status isn't great it can make you remember what it feels like to know everyone in your community. This feeling of belonging can be achieved in your country but it is going to take an investment of your time into making some new friends.

Get A Friend

Making friends in a foreign culture can be awkward at first but as you expose yourself to more of the community, you are sure to meet some like-minded individuals. In many instances, the first person you become friends with may be an ex-pat or someone from your home country. This is great and it can help you get away from the language barrier your new country possesses. As you get more familiar with the culture and language, you should actively seek out some locals to become friends with.  Locals can give you the inside scoop on the best places to hang out, eat, and spend your money.  Knowing a local you can trust can be a priceless commodity to obtain.

Exercise Regularly

Staying in shape can be one of the best ways to stay positive and explore your new country. A daily jog can serve two purposes as it can get you out of your house and into the community while keeping you healthy. A gym membership can help you to meet some like-minded individuals and by staying healthy, you can seem more approachable to others.

Moving abroad can be one of the most exciting events of your life and when handled correctly it can be one of the most fulfilling experiences as well.  Take these tips and use them to help you better adjust to your new home and go from a tourist to an Ex-pat in no time.

This article is written by Christian from ShipW LLC, a US-based shipping company, specialized in package and freight forwarding to over 200 countries. In the past years, we helped a lot of people who moved away from the US to get the products they love from home, anywhere they are in the world right now.