5 Tips to Make Moving into Your New Home a Breeze

Moving day is one of those times when you want everything to go as planned and with minimum stress. Not only there is a lot to be taken account of, but also you are handling two places: your old home and your new home. Constant worry and pressure can be nerve-wracking, and not to mention ruining your mood and hindering the organization process. However, you can avoid all that hustle and stress with these five tips and enjoy smooth and even fun moving day.

Plan and write down

There is nothing better than good, old-fashioned planning ahead. Although it can be hectic in the beginning, it will be very helpful as the moving day approaches. Write everything down, no matter how small or trivial, because even the most minuscule thing can turn out to be crucial later, like packing batteries for the remote controllers.

Organizing everything beforehand according to carefully thought out plan is the basis for going through the life-changing events without any strain, inconvenience or anxiety. Or at least with the least amount of it.

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Pack your belongings practically

The worst thing that can happen is to pack everything incorrectly and create a mess of broken and mismatched belongings, as well as chaos when the moving day comes. First and foremost, organize your belongings. Some things you’ll throw away, and some you’ll take to your new place, so make sure you know which is what before you start packing. Choose boxes and packaging for fragile and delicate belongings, as well as an appropriate method to protect them from damage and breaking. Mark everything so you would know where is what and to give extra instructions to movers on how to handle your things.

Prepare both places for moving

Your old place needs to be tidied up before you officially move out to make sure it's clean and you have taken everything with you. Your new place will probably require some renovations, like painting the walls, installing kitchen appliances and cabinets, landscaping and cleaning up the mess afterward. During that time, you can place your belongings in storage units, basement or in any other place where they’ll be sheltered and protected from possible construction and decorating works.

Change your address and locks

This is on the list because it’s important, but then again small enough to be overlooked. The moment you close on your house, call a locksmith and change the locks on the doors in your new house. Also, change the address for your subscriptions and in your documents. This can be a little stressful and annoying, but it’s better to deal with it right away then leave it for later when you’re knee-deep in decorating and renovations. 

Include others and make it fun

Never underestimate that moving can be fun and you can actually enjoy it a great deal. The best way to make sure you turn it into something enjoyable is to invite your loved ones to participate. This way they can help you out with decisions and packing, but also keep you in the good mood and relaxed. And on a moving day, you can make a little party and celebrate your new home and a life you'll start there. The best part about it all is that you get to share one of the most important days of your life with the people you care about and have their support when you need it the most.


Although your old home carries memories, your new one will help you create more wonderful moments in time. Change can come as something frightening and unknown sometimes, but try observing it as an adventure rather than a nuisance. So, instead of obsessing about what will go wrong on your moving day, concentrate on all the possibilities and challenges you have before you. And don't forget to rejoice in having an opportunity to discover new horizons and experience different aspects of your life. Because after all, life-changing events can be fun and fulfilling, not only stressful and exhausting.

Helen Bradford is a business and interior design enthusiast who currently works part-time as a consultant for Supercheap Storage Central Coast. She spends her spare time doing fitness, traveling, and writing.