6 Bedrooms Renters Love to See in a Vacation Rental House

When people are looking for a vacation home to rent, they consider a lot of factors. They want to know how far the place is from the main attraction. Can they ski in and ski out? Is the beach a short walk or a longer drive? They look at amenities, maybe hoping for a pool, a hot tub, a fire pit in the backyard, or an outdoor kitchen, anything that will make their vacation a little more special. But one of the most important things they’ll want to know is where everyone will sleep (and if they’ll have to share a bathroom, which is another story).

A luxurious and private master bedroom

Since a lot of larger vacation places are rented by more than one family, two master bedrooms can be a real draw. You’ll need at least one good one, so the hosts for the week can take a break from their guests and enjoy the view.

About that second master bedroom...

If your vacation home is large enough for two families to share, a second master bedroom can make your home much more appealing. That way, your guests won’t have to flip a coin to decide who gets the good room!

A room with a view

Guests will love waking up and remembering where they are. A snow-covered mountaintop, a serene lake, or a lush forest -- any view will do! Make sure you have really nice shades for the bedrooms that overlook an alleyway, gas station, or parking lot.

Rooms full of bunk beds.

A room with two bunk beds, maybe even the kind with a double bed on the bottom, can sleep a lot of kids comfortably, leaving the nicer rooms for the adults. A bunk room is also a great place for extra visitors who are only staying a night or two. Just make sure all the bunks are safe, with side rails for all.

Twin bedroom

 Maybe you shared a room with a sibling when you were little, and you might not want twin beds at home. But having at least one room with twin beds in a vacation home makes it easier for friends to share space. If you expect guests to share beds, make them at least queen size. A double bed is really just a glorified single, only big enough for two small people.

Two bedrooms connected by a bathroom

This set-up is often called a jack and jill bathroom, with a bedroom on either side, each one with a door to the bathroom, which usually isn’t accessible from the hallway. A jack and jill set-up can be great for a family who wants a little privacy from the rest of the guests.

If you decide your investment property could use additional bedrooms or a change to the current layout, your renovation expenses may be tax deductible, since the home is seen as a business. (Though it isn’t simple; the deduction has to be amortized over a number of years, so ask a pro to find out the exact rules.) You might not need to add on, you may just need to replace a few beds. In that case, your costs could be recouped by increased rental income! What kind of bedroom layout do you look for in a vacation home?