New Home? 3 Structural Details To Consider Before Moving In

Working with a Realtor may be the best option for most families who are planning on buying a new home.

The Realtor can take your desires into consideration and prescreen houses before you visit for a viewing. Knowing what you want or what you do not want is as important as is your price range. Considering structural details prior to purchase or moving in will give you a leg up.

Number Of Floors

Depending on the area of the country, there may be an abundance of single story or two-story homes.

For example, you'll find a lot of single-story homes in Florida, but in many big cities, the condo or townhouse may be the norm. Single story homes may be built on a concrete slab or may have a crawls space below. They generally do not have basement storage.

When making this decision, be sure to consider your lifestyle and any medical needs now and in the future.

Type Of Construction

Understanding the differences in construction materials will give you a running start on this decision.

Areas prone to high winds require a concrete block or steel construction. Concrete block is a great option in warmer weather as it tends to also serve as insulation against the heat.

A well-constructed block house will not have any visible signs of cracking in the stucco or grout. If this is visible, it may be necessary to contact a structural engineer before purchase.

Steel constructed homes replace the wood found in the house's bones with steel beams. Using steel in the framing decreases the possibility of termites and reduces fire damage. The steel for the frame is most likely from recycled steel adding an extra eco-friendly bonus.

This type of structure is an excellent choice for earthquake-prone or high wind areas.

A Room Layout That Works For Your New Home

Unless you plan to purchase new furniture, making sure that your existing furniture will comfortably fit in the appropriate room is important. Measuring each piece and placing it on a drawing can be helpful.

If you are using a professional mover they can give you access to a moving estimate that will provide size and weight of your furniture. This information will allow you to plan ahead and make changes if needed.

Buying your first home can be an exciting time. Following a few tips can help make sure your decisions are thought out and the home you decide upon is perfect for you and your family.

Use the tips above as well as some you find in your own research to make the best moving plan for you and your family.

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