Making Your New House Feel Like Home with Houseplants

You just moved into your brand-new house, but for some reason, it just doesn’t feel like home yet. Your new furniture is being delivered piece by piece, your painter is on vacation until next month, and you don’t even have your Wi-Fi password set up! So, you decide to go to your local plant shop to pick up some new green friends in hopes of bringing some happiness to your space.

The only thing is, you’ve never cared for a houseplant before in your life and the idea of a dead plant sitting on your sparkly new kitchen island is the last thing that would make your house feel homey.

It’s okay! Don’t fret, you too can have a green thumb and a home full of happy with these three indestructible houseplants!

1. Pothos

A pothos is the non-plant person’s best friend. These air-purifying plants can adapt to sun or shade and should only be watered once a week. Should you forget to water your little friend, no worries, a sad and droopy Pothos will spring back to life with a good bath and some sunlight! They are satisfying to the impatient planter, because of their resilience and rapid growth. Trailing in nature, you can expect to see new growth on your healthy Pothos every other week!

2. ZZ plant

Ahh the ZZ, so low-maintenance, yet so stylish. Unlike most sun-loving plants, a ZZ can bring life to any room thanks to its high-shade tolerance. Its shiny, waxy leaves make a dull corner feel sophisticated and full, and the best part, a ZZ only needs water every other month! Yes, that’s right, all you who neglect to water your precious plants will do quite well with this one!

3. Snake Plant 

Also referred to as the Mother-In-Law’s Tongue, this plant could be #1 one on the “thrives on neglect list.” A plant often seen living large in malls across America, it needs to be watered less than monthly and kept in a shady to semi-light spot. The plant gets its descriptive names from the sculpture like leaves that have the ability to add something interesting to any room.

So, cozy up that new home with some plant buddies that won’t beg for your attention! All of these plants are guaranteed to bring fresh air and foliage feels to your new space, making it feel more like home every day!