How to Turn Your House into a Children’s Paradise

It goes without saying that you need to pay careful attention to decoration, furnishing, and interior design to make your house a children's paradise. Everybody loves a home that is well presented and comfortable. However, when you are looking to turn your house into a family paradise you will have to take into account the children's room as well. The child needs a place which they can play safely and sleep, but it should be a haven for the child. At times this place also must act as a retreat from the remaining household for the child. Here are some tips for developing the children's room.

Choose the furniture and decoration

If you wish your house to become a paradise for your child this room must reflect their personality and preferences. If the room is intended for younger children try to avoid having several pieces of furniture in this nursery. This will make the children's room appear cluttered and intimidating. The key to decoration lies in simplicity.


Obviously, the more significant piece of furniture within a children's room is the bed. If your kid is less than two years old a crib is a must. Try to keep away the duvets, blankets, and additional pillows. Opt for a firm mattress when you are looking for comfort and safety. Having a simple cotton sleeping bag will suffice and it will also decrease the possibility of suffocation to an extent. After the child has grown older than two years you may introduce the child to a small bed.


Having a dresser inside the children's room is a good idea when they're small and there is still time before you can invest in a larger wardrobe. Select a drawer that can slide easily and if required you may add a security system for preventing small fingers from being trapped. Keep in mind that kids grow quickly and some of their clothes are outgrown even quicker. Be ruthless with the older clothes and take them to a charity store or shops to add room for the replacements. After this, rearrange the furniture in the children's room in a way that will suit their requirements and it can also be moved around easily and safely.

Cleansing the air

For lighting the kid’s rooms it is a great idea to consider having dimmer switches that may provide suitable levels of illumination even during bedtime. According to the EPA, indoor air pollution is a lot worse than outdoor pollution, and WHO agrees with it. Children breathe more air compared to adults therefore it is necessary to clear the air within the house. You can decrease the humidity levels in the house by using exhaust fans and encouraging natural ventilation while doing the home additions. The new rooms will not only be comfortable regarding space but you will breathe freely in them. You can think of adding houseplants. Some of the excellent natural air filters are peace lilies and spider plants as they are effective against pollutants and toxins.

A children's office

Your kid will begin to make his first scribbles from the age of two years. So, it's a good idea to have a small desk inside their room. You can think of a desk that will grow with the kid, meaning a desk with adjustable height and pullout shelves. The tiny children's office will keep them company from the early days of kindergarten up to primary school. When the child approaches school age you may wish to get him his first computer, tab, or laptop. You can find several affordable tabs on the market and on the internet that are useful for children. They can also serve as alarm clocks and game stations apart from allowing the kid to watch videos and access the web. All these things are good for their development if they are done under the supervision of parents.

Mirela Boston is a young interior designer with a passion for writing and sharing content inspired by her work experiences. Her writings are usually on interior design, home remodeling and improvement.