Expand Your Space in Your First Home with These Outdoor Living Room Ideas

Do you feel that you have a limited space in your first home and want to expand? Are you worried that expansion would take up most of the remaining space and would cost a lot of money? You can make use of your outdoor space if you want to have one more room in your living space. Here's how. 

Converted Shed

If you have an old shed that has been sitting in your backyard for such a long time, you can convert it into an extra room. What’s great about using the shed is that it only requires a smaller budget. You can convert the shed into a summer house, sewing room, game room or even a yoga studio. 

If you are a fitness enthusiast, converting your shed into an outdoor gym is a perfect idea for home improvement. Though you may initially spend money in this project, but the benefits in doing so will offset the initial cost. First, you don’t have to pay a monthly gym membership anymore since you now have your own gym at the comfort of your home. You will also save gas and time since you don’t have to drive to the gym anymore. And of course, getting fit would now be easier and more accessible so there’s no reason for you to skip your workout anymore.

Vintage Trailer

If you have a teenager son who wants to have independence, having a vintage trailer is a perfect alternative that can be transformed into his room. He would love the rustic vibe that vintage trailer offers. Nothing beats the feeling of having your own room in the backyard where you can have your own privacy and space plus the view is amazing.

You can also use your vintage trailer into an extra guest house. Some of your family members may not be comfortable with having guests around so having an extra guest house outdoor would be ideal. Your guests would still feel your hospitability plus your family members can still carry on with their normal stuff without worrying that they will disturb the guests.

Stylish Deck

Having a cup of tea or coffee in your deck is the perfect way to start the day. The fresh air and beautiful sceneries will surely perk up your day. The deck can also be a romantic place where you can spend a quiet date night over a bottle of wine with your partner. As you gaze at the lovely stars, you start to reminisce your firsts – first kiss, first date, first fight, etc.

To enhance your deck, pile it on with pillows. Use durable and pretty accent pillows as they will brighten up the space and will stand up to rain and sun. Accessorize it with an outdoor rug to make it feel cozy and classic. Adding hanging baskets will add more color to your deck as well. Lastly, select outdoor furniture that matches the space and usage of your deck.

Outdoor Furniture

Having outdoor furniture does not only serve as an accessory that adds charm and character to your outdoor space but it can also serve as an additional space where your family and friends can hang out. If you’re more on the “relaxed” vibe, adding a hammock will perk up your summer. Cool down on this fantastic swing and make it even cozier by adding down comforter on top. You can also add a vintage bench in your backyard to add more charm and character. You can sit here and have a glass of cold lemonade while reading your favorite book.

Having a limited space does not have to limit your creativity. Turn your home into a fantastic place not just for your family but for your guests as well. Follow these tips and live in a more spacious and beautiful home. 

Alyssa is blogger and writer at topreveal.com and she has a passion for writing articles on health care, cooking, home improvement, etc. Being a mom & consumer advocate she has years of experience testing equipment and recipes.