What to Expect from a Socially Distanced House Closing

COVID-19 is here for the long haul. That means the whole process, from buying a house during coronavirus to going through your closing, is a little different. Here's what you can expect. 

Closing will take extra time

Not all closing will take place in a physical office building, but if yours does, you should expect it to take a little extra time. Doing business in the time of COVID means extra cleaning and preparations. So be prepared to wait a little longer than normal!

Expect the unexpected

The whole world is in a state of uncertainty right now, and the economy is not stable. An unexpected job loss or pay cut can affect your closing. Even if you and your spouse are secure in your jobs, your seller may not be. If they unexpectedly lose their jobs and financing for their new home falls through, this might affect the sale of your home.

Our advice? Go into your closing cautiously optimistic, but be aware that something negative might come up.

Your lender will provide fewer comforts 

Back in the pre-COVID days, you could expect a few comforts and surprises on closing day. Realtors would often bring signs for your to hold while you posed for a picture together, lenders would offer you coffee and baked goods, and you might sit around and chat with everyone while you were waiting for the paperwork to process.

Today, you can expect everyone to shy away from close contact, and lenders are going to be much less likely to offer you any goodies.

You might have a drive-up closing table

They say that necessity is the mother of ingestion. And if there's one thing COVID-19 has shown us it's just how creative people can get. We've seen stories of lenders setting up a socially distanced, outdoor closings in the parking lot of their offices. In this scenario you might see a folding table, tailgating tents, chairs, and a car table set up outside. 

You might stay in your car

Your lender might also ask you to stay in the car throughout the whole process. In this situation, they'll typically come out. Closing on a home can take a while, so make sure you prepare--especially now that the days are getting hotter. Bring water, snacks, a book and anything else you might need while you sit in your car.

Don't forget to mask up!

No matter what type of closing your lender sets up, make sure you bring your mask and hand sanitizer. Be sure to abide by all local and state ordinances and guidelines!

This virus is going to be around for awhile, so it's not feasible that we put all our big moments on hold. If you're feeling uneasy about closing, reach out to your lender and ask what precautions they're taking. If there's something you're not comfortable with, speak up!