Welcoming Baby: How Much More Space Will You Need?

For many parents, a new baby — or a second, third, or fourth child — means it’s time to make some improvements around the house.

They want more space or, at the least, a more efficient use of the space they have. It’s up to you and your family to decide exactly how much space you’ll really need, and what that space will look like. Here are some places you can make space. 

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Closets come first, and improving them is the simplest task. You may even be able to do it yourself. Chances are good that, in addition to all the sweet, tiny newborn clothing you’ll get at your shower, people will also bring clothing in larger sizes. And they’ll offer hand me downs. Storing those items might be as simple as taking an existing closet and having shelving installed to keep everything organized.


As the children grow older, and larger, you may need more rooms. You have two options: moving, which can be challenging with children who are already in school, or adding on to your current space. Not every parent has the funds available to add on or remodel, but many of them use home equity lines of credit (HELOC) to pay for what they need. The interest on a HELOC, or second mortgage, as some people call them, can be deducted when you use the funds to pay for a home improvement or addition. That new bedroom will add value to your home, even if the next buyers decide to use it as an office or fitness room.


Maybe you’re adding a fourth or fifth new human to your household, or the original tiny human has just gotten older and messier. Adding a mudroom or laundry room can really help keep that mess in check. You’d be surprised how much bigger your home will feel with an addition as small as ten by ten feet. Having space to store coats, muddy boots, or full baskets of laundry keeps them out of sight, and out of mind. And don’t forget that you’ll need space for you. A master bath addition or a home office could give you just the spot you need to escape the chaos.