Six Front Yard Fixes to Help Sell Your Home Faster

Maybe other people don’t do this, but most Sunday afternoons my husband and I drive around our favorite neighborhoods and "curb-shop." You know what I mean, when you ride around dreaming of buying the perfect home, in the perfect neighborhood, with the perfect front yard.

You don’t have any idea what the inside of your dream home looks like, but the exterior build and landscaping has completely won your heart. It happens to me all the time.

Studies show that I'm not alone. Most home buyers form their first impression of a house from its curb appeal before they even make their way inside. Statistics also show that a well-maintained yard can add as much as ten percent to the value of a home.

So why are sellers overlooking landscaping in their pre-listing prep? Honestly, it’s because not many people enjoy back-breaking yard maintenance.

The good news is there are six simple tips to fix up your yard before listing that are sure to help sell your home faster.

1. Utilize outdoor containers

Ideally, the time to get started cleaning up your yard is about a month before you plan on showing your house. Some of you will not have that kind of time to prep your yard before your house goes on the market. Thus, the outdoor container.

They make a great statement and all you need is two matching containers filled with beautiful blooms or green plants to flank your front door.

Pro Tip: Most home improvement stores that have a garden department have pre-potted containers for purchase if you don’t want to plant them yourself.

2. Touch up mulch or pine straw

This a great and relatively inexpensive way to give your yard the extra pop it needs to grab the attention of buyers.

One hour on a Saturday afternoon to fluff pine straw or lay new mulch is all you need. Laying new mulch or pine straw is like getting a great haircut; quick, painless, with a fresh and finessed new look.

3. Shape up trees and shrubs

Even if you ignore all the other tips from this list but follow through with this one you will thank us later, I promise. No one will be impressed by messy foliage in your front yard. So, grab your hedge clippers and get to whacking.

4. Clean out water features

A birdbath or fountain feature can be a nice addition to any front yard, the problem lies in letting your water features get gross and grow algae.

It happens, so take the time before you start showing your home to clean out that green. Remove leaves and clean filters so that the water is crystal clear. After all, a water feature that doesn't look good or function properly can be an instant turnoff.

Pro Tip: Add a tablespoon of granular chlorine* every two weeks in the summer to your fountain to prevent algae from growing.

*Do not add chemicals to birdbath water, it can harm the animals that play there.

5. Plant some instant color

If you are selling your home at a time when your bushes aren’t blooming, you may consider planting shrubs that are already blooming in their place. This is an extra expense, but it will certainly draw attention to your home.

Pro Tip: Now is also a good time to dig up any plants that you want to take with you to your new home. If you intend to remove any landscape plants and haven't already done so, you have an obligation to inform the buyer exactly which plants you plan on digging up.

6. Power wash your sidewalk and driveway

Consider buying or renting a power washer to clean paved surfaces. With very little time or effort, you can make dingy surfaces look brand new.

Pro Tip: Power washers also do a great job of cleaning fences, as well as brick and vinyl siding.

Take our tips and be that curb-side dream home someone is riding around searching for and sell your home faster!