Selling Your Home: Here are the 4 Types of People Who Will Look at Your House

Selling your house can be frustrating. It means hours of cleaning, staging the living area to look like a magazine cover, and carefully choosing the right scent to put in your diffuser. And after all that work, you might find potential buyers aren't treating you—or your house—with the same care. 

Here are the four types of potential buyer that will cause you the most rage. 

The "We're Running Late"

You loaded your kids and your dog into the car right before the scheduled showing. You've been driving around for about ten minutes when you get a call that they're running a little late, so you decide to run to the store to get a few things.

Just when you're getting in your car you get another call saying that they haven't made it to the house yet because they got held up at their last showing. No problem, you go and pick up dinner.

You pull into your neighborhood and see there are no cars parked at your house. Perfect timing, you think, they must have come and gone already. Then your phone rings. They still haven't made it. Is it okay if they come in 5 minutes? You groan and stick your hot pizza in the fridge before getting back in your car. You're about 10 minutes from your house when you get another call... they're not coming.

The Ghoster 

You're feeling pretty good about the fact that your home is looking clean and bright on this beautiful Saturday morning. The day is nice so you head out for a walk during the scheduled showing.

You come back from your stroll and it looks like the house is empty, so you head in and wonder if these will be the people who will buy your house. You're already dreaming about where you'll move and mentally planning how you'll pack all your things when your phone rings.

It's your agent asking if you happened to let the prospective buyer in because no one accessed the lockbox.

That's right. They didn't show up. Your agent calls theirs to see if they need to reschedule. No response. He follows up with an email. Nothing. 

The Muddy Boot

You spend at least 30 minutes every day cleaning your house to make sure it's clean for any prospective buyer. That includes sweeping, cleaning the kitchen, and mopping the floors until they shine.

So, when you come home and find a big, old, muddy footprint on your carpet you can bet you're a little peeved. Especially since there's a doormat at every entrance that even says "Wipe Your Feet" on it.

Take a deep breath and pull out the mop one more time. 

The Switcher

This lovely person obviously doesn't have their calendar in front of them when they're trying to schedule a showing. They ask if you're free at noon and you think, "Perfect, I can run home during lunch to get the dog out of the house."

Then you get a call that 9 a.m. really works better for them, and you think you could probably go into work a little late that one day.

Then they change it to three and you think "No worries, I can just shift this meeting to tomorrow."

Now it's 2:30 on the day of the showing, your meeting is moved and you're on your way home when your phone rings. That's right. They're not coming. 

You're going to put up with a lot of frustrating people when you're selling your home. It's hard because your home is supposed to be your sanctuary away from the worries of the world. But hang in there because in the end, it will all be worth it when you finally find that dream home!

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