How Nextdoor is Spreading All the Holiday Cheer

There's nothing we like to see more than neighbors being neighborly. Whether it's apartment dwellers being careful not to make too much noise late at night, people in rural areas lending a hand, or a neighborhood block party in the suburbs--it just makes us smile. That's why this holiday season we're using Nextdoor, a private social network just for specific neighborhoods to spread holiday cheer to our own neighbors. 

Holiday Cheer Map 

The Holiday Cheer Map on Nextdoor is seriously cool. Users can place different icons on a map to mark the nearest tree lot, beautifully decorated house, holiday event, and more. It's not just about the lights and decorations either. The map also lets users highlight places to give back. You can use it to find a nearby Toys for Tots drop off, canned-food drive, or volunteer event with a local non-profit. 


Between the packages piling up on doorsteps and houses being left empty while people visit family, the holidays are prime time for criminal activity. That's where Nextdoor's Crime & Safety section comes in. Neighbors can use that area to post about anything suspicious they see and to post reports from local law enforcement about recent crime activity in the area. If you're feeling particularly ambitious, you can use the app to see if anyone's interested in organizing a neighborhood watch over the holiday season. 


The kids have off for a week at the end of the year and they're expecting--no, demanding--days filled with snowball fights, hot chocolate, and movie marathons. The only problem is you still have to work. You can use the message board on Nextdoor to coordinate childcare with nearby families with kids the same age or to find out about the best holiday camp programs. Even if there aren't a lot of kids in your neighborhood, it never hurts to ask the neighbors for help. You might find out the lady at the end of the block is actually a retired kindergarten teacher who'd love to spoil--er, watch--your kids for a day or two. After all, it takes a village, right? 

Technology can go a long way in helping spread holiday cheer. But what if your neighbor is just a Grinch? These tips always help us work out our problems!