How to Create the Perfect 'What I Love About This Home' Description on Zillow

You know your house is more than just a bulleted list of features. It's where you enjoyed summer cookouts by the pool, where your kids spent hours playing basketball out front, and where your neighbors became friends who always had your back. 

Zillow's "What I love about this house" section is a great way for you to show how unique your home is. Here's how to write the perfect description. 

Paint a picture

The best part about your home might not even be your house. It might be that all the neighborhood kids play together in the cul-de-sac after school or that your next-door neighbor hosts a free yoga class every Saturday at the neighborhood pool. Use this space to help your potential buyers imagine how their life would go if they bought your house. 

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Be specific 

Sure, you can say that your house has recent upgrades, but what does that really mean? Be specific and let the buyer know exactly what they can expect. So instead of saying the kitchen has upgrades, you can say that you recently added a 30" Sub-Zero refrigerator with a glass, a Bosch convection oven, and a copper pot filler. Be sure to include brand names and use the right descriptive words!

But don't repeat

Remember, the buyer is going to get a lot of information features section of the listing. So there's no need to reiterate that you have a garage or how many square feet your home has or that there's an attached garage. Focus only on information the reader can't get anywhere else. 

Use bullet points and keep it brief 

People love to scan when they read online--especially if they're looking at multiple listings in one sitting. You also want to try to make your description 250 words or less. Remember, people are looking at multiple listings online, so if someone has already been looking at houses for two hours, they might not want to slog through a short novel in your What I Love section. 

Work with your agent

Once you're happy with your description, show it to your agent to get some input. She might be able to point out some features you left out that are big selling points or make notes on some items that buyers aren't normally interested in. 

A great "What I love about this home" section can help your home stand out and hopefully it will help attract the right buyer. So, what are you waiting for? Start writing!