Is Firework Damage Covered by Your Homeowners Insurance?

The Fourth of July just doesn’t seem like a celebration without some fireworks, right? But you’re not going to feel like celebrating if they break your windows, damage your siding, or start a fire.  If that happens, will your homeowners insurance cover it? It depends.

When you’re probably not covered

If you live in a state that’s banned fireworks for safety reasons or because the drought has made the grass so dry--like in California--your homeowners insurance probably isn’t going to cover the damages. That’s because using the fireworks in the first place was illegal. The same goes if your kid shoots fireworks at your house “just to see what happens.” Your homeowners insurance isn’t going to cover intentional damage.

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What if it’s not your fault?

Chances are you’re not the only one setting off fireworks in your neighborhood. So what happens if your neighbor is they type who’s probably going to get drunk and accidentally fire a Roman candle through your window? When you’re done shouting at your neighbor, give your homeowners insurance a call. Chances are they’ll cover that type of damage.

How to protect yourself

There are a couple things you can do to minimize your risk--especially if you’ll be away that evening. Make sure you clean your gutters, clear any brush, and trim your trees and bushes. That’ll help make sure there’s no fuel for the fire if a firework does land on your house or in your yard. And if you’re renting your house, ask your neighbors to keep any eye on it--and even give you a call if your renters start setting off illegal fireworks.

Our recommendation? Leave the fireworks display to the professionals. Stay safe everyone and Happy Fourth!