8 Spots You Haven't Cleaned in a While, But Probably Should

When it's time to spring clean, a lot of us tackle the big jobs first. We clean the windows (or hire a professional to do it), we till the raised beds, we go at the grout like it did something to us. And our home looks better than it has, well, since last year. But what about the dirt you can't see? In the spirit of the season, here are a few spring cleaning tasks you might have missed.

Under the rugs

You cleaned under your furniture, but you need to take it a step farther. Before you steam the rugs, vacuum up any major debris and roll them up. As you go, sweep whatever's on the bottom of the rug onto the floor. Now, look at all that dirt. You may even find some loose change. Sweep it up, clean the floor, lay the rug back down. Repeat once a year. (Or every five years.)

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Behind the faucets

My husband puts his toothbrush behind the faucet in the bathroom. And he sometimes puts a sponge behind the one in the kitchen. This is a disgusting habit, but it's what he learned as a child, and there's no changing it. So I give up. But it gets so nasty back there! The best way to clean it is with a toothbrush. Though I'm tempted to use his, and put it back since he so clearly loves nasty germs, you should throw it out after use. While you're at it, clean behind the toilets, too. Don't use my husband's toothbrush. (Or do. I don't care.)

That place where you put stuff

You know where it is. When company's coming, this is where you stash that pile of papers you haven't had time to go through yet, or the stack of cookbooks you're thinking about giving away. If nothing bad has resulted from you not dealing with that stuff so far, make like a professional organizer and dump it in the trash (recycling what you can, of course) or give it to a good cause. Too lazy to take your donations anywhere? Find out who will come pick them up in your area.

Under the major appliances

Remember that time you dropped a blueberry in the kitchen and you couldn't find it? We both know it's probably under the fridge. Cleaning under the fridge (or the washer/dryer or stove) is definitely not an everyday task. But it's pretty easy to do once every few months! Bonus: you may prolong the life of your appliances because they'll be better vented. Bonus #2: Your dog can finally chill because you'll locate that rawhide she pushed under there six months ago.

Under the window sills

With all the pollen and dirt flying in, windows can get much dirtier than other places in your house. Open up each window and clean out all the dust and dead bug debris on the ledge. And if your windows don't open because they're painted shut or swollen? Now is a great time to make sure at least one in each room works, so you'll have a way out in case of fire.

Under the beds

If you have children, you may want to wear a hazmat suit when you do this. You never know when you're going to find a banana peel or half of an old peanut butter and jelly sandwich. If you don't have kids, you'll still probably find your share of dust bunnies and rouge dryer sheets hanging out under there. 

Light fixtures

Have you noticed that your overhead lighting isn't as effective as it used to be? You know why? That glass globe is filled with dead bugs. They are literally preventing the light from shining in. It'll be gross, and at least one of them will float or skitter into the trash in a way that makes you think it's still alive. It's not. Don't drop the globe, because then you'll have to clean up a bunch of broken glass peppered with bugs, and you'll have to replace the globe.

The junk drawer

Everyone has that one drawer, and it could probably be dumped straight into the garbage. But it's nice to keep a few essentials in there. Dump it, clean it, and put back only the things you regularly tell people to find "in the junk drawer." 

What's your secret shame? And have you cleaned it yet? The weekend's coming soon!