Remodeling? Don't Skip the Permit

A building permit seems like just another extra expense, so why bother with it?

A permit helps make sure your project is safe. That means safe from contractors who are trying to cut corners and from Uncle Randy, who swears he knows how to install a hot water heater and is willing to do it for $25 and a case of beer.

What happens if you skip the permit

So what happens if you trust Uncle Randy and skip the permit? It could end up costing you a whole lot. In the short term, the city might make you tear it out since they can’t be sure it’s up to code. And if anything goes wrong with it, your homeowners insurance might deny your claim since they can’t be sure the damage would have happened if the work had been done properly.

In the long term it might affect your ability to sell your house at the right price since you’re legally obligated to tell any potential buyers that you have an unpermitted renovation. The good news is you can fix the problem pretty easily. You’ll have to ‘fess up to your local building department and pay both a fine and the permit fee.

The moral of the story? Tell Uncle Randy thanks, but no thanks and just get the permit.