What You Should Read this Week

Whether we found it on social media or landed on it when randomly browsing the internet, these are a few things we read and liked this week.

What we read:

  1. I Own 28 items of Clothing (and Only Wear 9 Regularly) by Blonde on a Budget. makes us want to declutter and trim our budget!
  2. Love Thy Neighbor's House? Why You May Want to Buy It by Candace Taylor on Realtor.com. People with this much money fascinate us.
  3. Will Your Roommate Cost You a Bunch of Money? by Hal Bundrick, CFP on Main Street. Do share your horrible roommate stories. We're nosy!
  4. The Secret Lives of Tumblr Teens by Elspeth Reeve on The New Republic. We were teenagers, and not even that long ago, but they're still a mystery. 
  5. Overcome Your Money Fears by Giving Back by Kristin Wong on Two Cents at Lifehacker. We love this idea!

And this is what you loved this week on Mortgages.com. Thanks!

  1. 17 Things You Need in your Living Room. And 3 Things You Really Don't
  2. Play By Play: Trying to Buy a House When the Owner Doesn't Want to Sell This story had us on the edge of our seats to the end!
  3. 6 Reasons to Relocate to Greenville, South Carolina This one definitely had us considering calling the moving company.

Read anything good recently? Tell us about it!