What We're Reading This Week: December 16, 2016

We've been especially interested in interest rates this past week, but we also felt like we needed a little break from such a serious topic. That's why we've also been living vicariously through some listicles, trying to image ourselves moving to Durham and strolling through Duke's beautiful gardens or taking in the majestic beauty of Montana. 

Interest rates

We've been talking about rising interest rates for about a month now and Omri Barzilay, a contributor to Forbes, takes a look at what that might mean in the decision to rent or buy. He says that salary and jobs are expected to grow enough to offset the interest rates. While buying is still a good idea if you plan on living in the house for 5-7 years, we might see homeownership continue on a downward trend and rental rates go up. 

Where are homes affordable?

Interest rates are rising, but does that mean you'll need to move to the middle of nowhere in order to afford a home? Not quite. Curbd has put together a list of some of the most affordable up-and-coming towns in the country. The cities range from the mountain west, along the east coast, to middle America. So, there's something for everyone. 

5 places to retire that aren't Florida or Arizona 

Speaking of moving, where should you look if you're thinking of retiring soon? USA Today put together a great list of some really exciting places you might not have thought about as retirement meccas.