Give Your First Home the Goodbye Present it Deserves

You still remember how hard you worked to save up for the downpayment, how proud you were when you moved in, and all the improvements you made with your own hands. Your first house has been pretty great to you, but it's time you moved on. Before you do give your house the goodbye present it deserves.

Curb appeal

What is curb appeal? It's those little details that make people turn to admire your house when they walk by, that win yard of the month awards, and make you feel like you're walking into a storybook every time you come home. When you're selling your home, curb appeal is part of what makes buyers want to buy your home. Here's how you get it. 


The good news about selling your home in the spring is that you get a little help from Mother Nature in the curb appeal department. Try for something that's bright and colorful, will last all season, and doesn't require a lot of maintenance. Your local garden center will be able to help you choose something that will work well in your climate. 


If your shutters are chipped and your mailbox post is faded, it sends the message that your house isn't well-maintained. Potential buyers are going to be wondering if there's mold in the bathroom, when the last time the air filter was changed, and what other standard maintenance you ignored.

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Pressure Wash

Dirt and grime are going to build up on your siding or exterior brick. That's just a fact of life. Hire a pressure washer to come out and give the outside of your home a good cleaning. 

Kill the bugs 

It's spring and the bugs are starting to come out in full force. It's the circle of life and it happens everywhere. We get it. But a potential buyer is still going to be put off if they see an anthill by your mailbox (they'll be having visions of termites happily snacking away) or a mass of mosquitos in your garden. Be sure you remove anything that can attract bugs or give them a place to hide. Get some bug spray, ant traps, and whatever else you need to ensure a bug-free home. Or better yet, hire a professional. 

Patios, walkways, and fences

Spring also means a lot of pollen, so be sure you're sweeping your decks before any potential buyers come over. Sure, they know that the pollen is temporary, but pollen-covered decks can make people think about runny noses and itchy eyes instead of backyard barbecues and lazy cocktail hours. 

Lay out the welcome mat

We mean this one literally and figurately. Your front door is a focal point for your curb appeal and you want to make sure it's as welcoming as possible. Clean it or repaint it if it's looking dingy and pay special attention to the trim. If you want to get really serious about it, you can replace the whole thing with a steel version that's likely to increase your home's value. And don't forget the welcome mat! 

What are you waiting for? Take advantage of the beautiful spring weather and get started. After you perfect the outside of your home home you can start thinking about staging the inside