Childproofing in a Hurry: 5 Things to Do Immediately

Moving with babies and toddlers can be a challenge. And settling in and getting everything put away with little ones underfoot is even more of a challenge. In order to steal even a few moments to organize your new kitchen, put sheets on the beds, or put your clothes away, you’ll want to make sure the kids are safe.

These are the things you should do right away in your new home:

  1. ​Block any stairs your child can’t handle with ease. This is especially important if your previous home didn’t have stairs.
  2. Make sure your young toddler can’t access the bathroom, where the toilet might be too much of a temptation (unless they’re potty trained already, of course).
  3. If your doors have a chime option, turn it on, so you’ll know when anyone comes or goes. No chime? Put bells on the doors.
  4. Childproof anything you know is particularly attractive to your child. Seasoned parents know: what one child can’t resist may go unnoticed by another. If your kid can’t stop herself from emptying a full basket of folded laundry, make sure it’s stored in another room. The laundry may not hurt them, but it will make a lot of extra work for you!
  5. Introduce yourselves to the neighbors. When people know you, they’ll look out for you--and help keep your house safe. If, in spite of your best efforts, your toddler does get out of the house, someone will know. Also, you might meet the best neighborhood sitter or manage to set up a few play dates!

What are your best childproofing tips? Do you childproof first and ask questions later or wait and see what’s needed?